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Administration account is different from other user accounts. This account is not used to implement any search or analysis, but manage other users' account, including to create new user, enable or disable users, update user information and so on.

Each instance of IP2 has at least one administration account. The administrator can login by entering the username and password. After logged in the account, we can see the navigation bar is different from the one for common users, in figure 3.4.

Figure 3.7 Home page of IP2 for Administration Account

To view the list of all existing accounts, the administrator can click the link "View Users".

Figure 3.8 List of existing users

Click the "Add" button to add a new user to this ip2 instance. There are a few required fields to create a valid user, which are marked with "*" in the form. After submit the request, the page will be directed to the updated list of users.

Figure 3.9 Form to create a new user

IMPORTANT: DO check the check-box to enable this account.

Figure 3.10 Updated list of users

By clicking one of the user in the list, the administrator can modify or delete that user.

Figure 3.11 To modify/delete user